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Lavender Monday

044   My apologies to all of you reading who don’t share this sentiment, but I really like Mondays. Always have.  I liked them when I worked outside the home because they represented a fresh start to my week, ‘do-overs’, and new projects and challenges.  I liked them too, for the structure and shape that a new Monday in the office brought after the ‘free-for-all’ that the weekends tended to be.

Now that I am home (for the most part) I like them for all of the same reasons, but there is a different type of shape and creativity involved.

Yes, the house needs to be put in order after the weekend’s playtime, and the garden needs some attention after yesterday’s heavy rain and the visit from my neighbor’s cows.  I still need to plan the week’s meals and baking. So, I’m looking ahead to the calendar to see what the week holds in store.  This week, there is A LOT!  So there is tons of room to be creative!

Our son is coming home from college in Utah for ten days, which means that our daughter and her guy will be here as well.  We’ll be celebrating a MAJOR milestone birthday for my husband, along with the 4th of July, and the offspring will be fitting a 5k and a marathon in there too.  All these things call for some serious time in the kitchen—Birthday food; barbeque and salads for the 4th; snacks, race and recovery meals for my runners; and this morning’s real challenge… how am I going to  use all of the lavender that the rain pounded down in the garden!?


There’s some Lavender-Lemon Shortbread that I’m anxious to try, but that still leaves a basketful to turn into something.


Oh, and there’s a little writing project for a local winery that I’m excited about too—today’s post could also be ‘Malbec Monday’—but back to the lavender.  Any ideas?  I’d love to hear them…


Enjoy the day, and thanks for stopping to see me,