It’s been too warm here lately in our part of Oregon to think much about food or cooking, or recipes, or really anything other than, “Hmmm, I wonder how this would taste frozen?”

I would be thinking about gazpacho, or panzanella, or Insalata Caprese, but the tomatoes won’t be ready for awhile yet, so I think that I’ll just throw some frozen strawberries and some yogurt in the blender and call it ‘dinner’.

But something that is fabulous in this heat?

The fragrance of the Meyer lemon blossoms!


And Honeysuckle!



And oh-my-goodness these marvelous Matilijas!

And Daylilies!  And a myriad other things that are blooming right now.

I love the summertime, and I hope you are loving it too!
Enjoy the day, and thanks for visiting me,