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Don’t you just LOVE Farmer’s Markets?

I do!  I honestly think I could make a vacation trip of doing nothing other than visiting farmer’s markets in towns and cities all over the west.  Well, all over the world really, but since I haven’t won the lottery and I live in the west, I’ll settle for the domestic version.  Whenever I go, I am so inspired by all of the beautiful produce that I want to buy armloads of everything and head straight for the kitchen. (Not asparagus though.  Asparagus does not inspire me, however pretty its long graceful spears are.)

Wouldn't I just LOVE all of these mushrooms!?!?!

Wouldn’t I just LOVE all of these mushrooms!?!?!



Last Saturday found me in Arcata, California, at one of my very favorite markets EVER!  I used to go to that one all the time when I lived there umpteen years ago, but now I just make the occasional stop when we’re in town visiting family, although the market alone is worthy of ‘destination’ status.

(Someday I hope to have enough skill at photography to convey some sense of place, but for now, let me share some of the incredible offerings there!)

My market day starts with fresh tamales.  For breakfast!  They’re my tradition whenever we visit.  Tamales, and as many visits to Los Bagels as Ron and I can fit in.  Three this trip if anyone is counting—one for each day we were there.  Then I make my way around, where affable vendors sway me with chunks of melon, bits of cheeses, olives, and fruit and flowers so beautifully displayed that they are works of art.    

Like these beauties…


If you’re not hungry,



there are always people to watch (and visit with!)


and great music.  All in all, a perfectly lovely way to spend a Saturday! 

Oh, and this little guy came home with me too…

This little Echinopsis chiloensis 'Quisco' should bloom for me next year!

This little Echinopsis chiloensis ‘Quisco’ should bloom for me next year!

Where are your favorite markets?  I’d love to visit them too!  In the meantime, I hope that you’re enjoying your Saturdays!

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