It’s early morning, and I am out of bed, but ‘awake’ in no way describes me.  I drape myself over a large cup of coffee, and, another cup later, am still catatonic.  A quick (seated) survey of the domestic front confirms that yes; everything is still buried under the detritus of a week of travel, followed by the offspring revisiting the nest.  Add a few days of work, and punctuate with little tufts of Persian fur, (probably enough to build another small cat), and I still can’t muster any forward momentum.

So, what does a sane, thinking, woman do? 

I know, I know.  She makes a list.  She prioritizes it.  And then she gets going on it!  Or…

She makes a cappuccino, grabs a camera, and heads out to the garden!

033   055

What a glorious morning!  I hope you have a delightful day as well…