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Then there are those days when it’s harder to find something to celebrate (see A Celebration of Basil).  It’s too hot to think, too hot to be creative in the kitchen (although cold pasta shells with pesto is pretty darn tasty), and all of your energy is spent dealing with someone else’s cow in your garden. Again, as in An Unpeaceable Kingdom.

Oh wait, that was me!
And that cow came back several times over the weekend, with the events that followed neither funny, nor very pleasant in the re-telling.  And though there are far worse things in life than a marauding steer, I do wonder why they don’t just eat the zucchini and be done with it.  Zucchini is just so…replaceable.  You can get it from anyone this time of year!

I will tell you though, that there is more than enough of the Crape Myrtle left to merit a party.
The trellised tomato vines are still standing, and the grapevines are as verdant and fruit-laden as ever.

So tonight, my lovely friends, I leave you with thoughts of Prossecco under the soon-to-bloom Crape Myrtle; tiny citrus just peeking out amid their blossoms; and the hope of a day in the near future filled with sparkling canning jars, mounds of San Marzano tomatoes spilling all over the kitchen, while two friends raise a toast to the camaraderie of canning together.

Oh, and this–I leave you with this pretty thing…


Good night, and thank you so much for coming to visit!