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I’ve wanted to sit and write all week, but all the reasons not to were too compelling (think, ‘tyranny of the urgent’ here).  

All of those tomatoes just kept ripening.  The zucchini and crook necks were in a constant state of production.  The second cutting of basil—and subsequent day of pesto making—needed to happen as well, but I postponed the inevitable by giving a ton of it away.  Then there were those pesky household tasks that could only be ignored for so long, before someone in the household began (justifiably) complaining.

About to be sauce!

About to be sauce!

Busy-ness aside, random bits of ideas for blog posts and snippets of things I wanted to write down kept seeding themselves in my head, usually when I was elbow deep in tomato pulp or peeling piles of garlic, or doing something (like driving) that made recording the thought impossible.  Well, maybe not impossible but certainly very messy (or dangerous to the person in the lane next to me).

And when I say “random bits”, I’m really not kidding!  Here’s part of the hamster wheel I’ve been mentally running on…

~Recipes I want to work on—including something with lamb and Tempranillo for the upcoming ‘International Tempranillo Day’. (You knew that was coming, right?)  

~Raising kids on REAL food and REAL relationships (to re-interpret a popular quote from the ‘60’s; a steady diet of processed, junky food and technology is not healthy for children and other living things…).

~Wondering if it’s possible to dialogue peacefully on ‘double-standards’ and gender inequality…

~My (nearly) life-long obsession with cookbooks…

~ Am I really the only woman who is NOT longing to pull out the boots and fall sweaters??? 

(Are you kidding?!  HECK NO!!  Was that emphatic enough?  I do love fall, but I wait sooo long for summer to arrive that I am not in any hurry to see the season change.  I mean, come on!  This is Oregon!  Once the cold, wet, weather shows up, its nine months of pining for the sun again.)

Wait a minute—am I the only woman who doesn’t own a pair of boots? I do have hiking and riding boots, but other than those utilitarian items, clearly I am a fashionista-failure.

Of course, you do realize that that it is pouring as I write this…


Those are not scratches on my lens, that's RAIN!

Those are not scratches on my lens, that’s RAIN!

Oh, I just discovered that today is World Cabernet Day, and here I am with nary a cab in the house and NO intention of going anywhere to rectify that.  Plenty of Pinot, Malbec, and a Tempranillo or two—even a bottle of champagne—but no Cabernet. Must be time for a trip to Sonoma…

So, my lovely friends, that’s enough time spent on the rabbit-trails of my mind this week.   I’m going to go celebrate the Crape Myrtle blooming (and World Cabernet Day) with a friend and a glass of that champagne.  I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the week in my garden, and the hope that there is joy—and a reason to celebrate—in your week as well ! 

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The sunrise 'viewfrommyofficewindow'

The sunrise ‘viewfrommyofficewindow’

Meet Andre, my garden companion.

Meet Andre, my garden companion.


Stormy summers have their up-side, like the gorgeous sunrises this week!

Stormy summers have their up-side, like the gorgeous sunrises this week!