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*Caution: This post comes with a warning attached.  If you’re reading this and you are a cardiologist, nutritionist, dietician, or if you just plain have a phobia about butter and cream, then you probably should not read any further.  (There was, in fact, so much butter that it made even me—lover of all things derived from bovine origins—cringe when the whole meal was brought to the table!)

Birthdays in our house are a big deal.
A very big deal.
When it’s your birthday in our family, it’s “all about you”!  The birthday boy or girl is exempt from all chores. Someone else does them too, so the extra chores aren’t just piled up for you the next day.  You get the house decorated in your honor, and you can expect something or another in the way of gifts.  Best of all, you get to pick whatever your little heart desires for your birthday-dinner and cake!

Now, cake is also a very big deal in our family.  I love making them, and everyone in the house loves eating them, so it’s a win-win all around.  (The recipes in this blog may become very cake-heavy before it’s more than a year old.  Check out my Pinterest board!)

We celebrate lots of occasions with cake too, not just birthdays.  Most holidays call for a cake ( or cakes) at our house.  There are cakes for the changing seasons, for Sunday dinners, and for good grades. There are cakes for home-comings and fare-thee-wells.  There are also those days that are sooo, sooo, awful that NOTHING—other than a dark chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and heavily robed in dark chocolate frosting—can redeem them.


Before William went off to college, a cake’s life span in our home was measured in hours.  Now we can expect to get a couple of days out of one.


And, speaking of cake in our family, we are ALL about the frosting!  I have so many thoughts related to frosting, they’re like ‘frosting philosophies’…

‘ A cake can never have too many layers, because more layers means more frosting’
‘When the cake falls (or cracks, or is just plain ugly) don’t toss it-just cover it with extra frosting’
‘Frosting covers a multitude of sins’
And purloined from my friend Sue Kirby Wisehart (as it pertains to frosting)… Why ‘do’ when you can ‘overdo’?…

and so on.

Anyway, back to the birthday. ( And the butter and cream.)

The Birthday celebrant asked if I knew how to make pasta with Alfredo sauce. ( Ummm, let me think, do I know how to breathe?)  YES!

Well, that being the case, (and because he knew I had pesto in the freezer), could he please have fettuccine al Alfredo and linguini with Pesto?

And scampi?

And garlic bread?

HOLY COW!  The only green on that boy’s plate was the basil in the pesto and the parsley in the scampi. 

After that came the cake…the requested ‘not-store-bought’ vanilla cake with vanilla butter-cream. 


Six layers of tender, white, cake-y wonderful-ness piled with fluffy, fragrant, vanilla butter-cream frosting, and sprinkles enough to delight a six-year old!  (Or a thirty-three year old.)

Yes, we sing “Happy Birthday”, even if you’re not a kid.

Yes, we did candles…33 of ‘em.  

It’s good to have a day where the celebration is ‘all about you’, isn’t it?
And even a great day gets another layer of ‘wonderful’ added to it, when there’s cake involved!


Happy Day to you, even if it isn’t your birthday, and thanks so much for coming to visit me!