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      So how cool is this??  I got an award (my first award in forty—never mind—since my freshman year of high school) from another blogger who’s way more awesome than I ever thought of being! 

Thanks Andie Duncan!  And here’s the answer to Andie’s questions, giving the rest of you all information about me that you’d otherwise be able to live a very long time without knowing!


1.    What’s your VISA number?  (Hmm, that probably won’t fly…)  Ok, what age would you like to repeat and why?  Repeat?  Or camp at for awhile?  Hmmm, if I could do it without any attendant emotional trauma, 49 was awfully good.  I was running a jillion miles a week, my clothes fit AMAZINGLY, and I could still play and sing for hours!  Plus, there was only enough skin on my neck to go around it once.

2.    If you had twin turtles, what would you name them?  Twin turtles?  Ponies or Labrador Retrievers for sure, but turtles?  Wow, how about ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’.  Or maybe ‘Martin’ and ‘Gibson’.

3.    ‘Eh?’ or ‘Huh’?  ‘What was that’?

4.    What did you have for lunch yesterday?  A half of a cantaloupe with some yoghourt in it.  Profoundly boring I know, but easy to pack to work and allowed me to have the 2 glasses of Gamay Noir last night with no caloric guilt.

5.    What would you like to say to your grade 12 English teacher now?  Red, white, or Rose?  Oh, and thanks ever-so-much for the utter freedom of expression you gave me in your classes!


Here are the rules for participating…

  1. Post the ‘Oh So Fabulous’ graphic on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you  
  2. Answer the 5 questions given to you by your nominator (see below)
  3. Pick bloggers with under 1,000 subscribers to nominate for the award
  4. Come up with 5 questions for YOUR nominees to answer
  5. Go to their blog and notify them of the award nomination

And here are my nominees,  fabulous bloggers that you are…


Erin @ http://eringofar.blogspot.com   

Tamara @ http://sipwithme.blogspot.com


And my questions to you…

1.    What meal would you like to have cooked for Julia Child?

2.    What country would you most like to lose your passport in?

3.    How much time have you spent on Pinterest (or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) today?

4.    Five foods you’d NEVER want to have to live without?

5.    You’d rather clean a football team’s locker room after a double-overtime game in the mud than ________?

Thanks for being an inspiration, and have fun!!!