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     Good morning my lovely friends!

     Can I tell you how indescribably happy I am to be home this morning, and to wake up to NO AGENDA? 

     Seriously, I am so tired after a looonnng stretch of work that I had to have two cups of coffee before I could even make a cappuccino! 

      Now…the thought of spending the day in my fuzzies, stretched out on the comfy couch in a pile of blankets and furry cats is very attractive, and because the husband and offspring did such an admirable job of picking up my slack, I could get away with that today. I’ve also had a brief moment of weakness where I entertained the thought of taking my knitting with me to Main Street Coffee, and plunking down in front of the fire to chat up whoever came by, BUT…

     The temperature has dropped twenty degrees or so since my last days off, kindling the baking spark in me. 

Plus, I found this in the morning’s reading…Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe | SAVEUR   Credit: Todd Coleman

     It’s also time for me to embrace the reality of autumn, and with these gorgeous things begging to be brought in, that’s an easy thing to do.  There will be pumpkin recipes coming soon, but for now, I just want to enjoy them as eye-candy! (Oh my goodness…pumpkin scones!!!)


     Best of all?   A little prep for next week’s road-trip, a bicycling-hiking-food- wine adventure with my daughter to Sonoma!

IMG_0077 (2)

Our favorite road!


Sonoma Valley from the Overlook Trail

I’m off to go bake!  Something, I’m not sure what yet, and if it’s blog-worthy I will definitely share it with you all! 

I’m glad you stopped by…
I hope you enjoy your day, whatever adventure it brings you!