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I know life will transition from a full-on gallop down to a jog when the weather turns finally and irrevocably to Willamette Valley Winter (Good bye Sun!  See you on July 5th!!), but for now, it’s Autumn at her best!


It’s brilliantly sunny, with forget-me-not blue skies, and so much color in the landscape that it’s like living in a post card.  Vineyards, vine maples, and pumpkins are set against a backdrop of fir trees and green pastures, all framed in with sunrises worth getting out of bed for, and sunsets begging to be lingered over—preferably with a glass of wine.


All this gorgeousness AND blueberries too!

With this glorious weather comes, not only the urge to be outside, but also the little insistent voice in my head saying, “Get those citrus in the green house!  Cut the roses back so the November winds won’t topple them!  Mulch the garden!  Plant the garlic—you‘re late!  Pull the weeds while they’re small!  And for goodness sake, CLEAN OUT THAT POTTING SHED!”

Really it’s a nagging voice, but it’s right.


I’m going to listen to it though, and begin day two of re-claiming the land.  Since I have several days off from work, and the weather is forecast to be co-operative for all of those days, I will heed the insistent little voice in the hope that when Spring arrives, I will be completely ready.  Plus there is the added bonus of not being guilt-ridden every time I look out of the window this winter.  This means that cooking and baking (other than for maintaining the feeding and good humor of my family) are on hold for a bit, in spite of the fact that I have just been given what must be the world’s most beautiful pie plate!  Currently, it sits distractingly on my kitchen counter.


So…donning gloves and pruning shears, off to the garden I go.  But before I leave, here’s a taste of the week.


The arrival of the beautiful merlot at Alexeli !



Kumquats, Meyer Lemons, and Persian Lime tucked safely in for the winter.


The last of the Milkweed that I planted in hopes of attracting Monarch Butterflies. Maybe next year!



Enjoy the day, and thanks so much for coming by,