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I am what my husband and more than a few of my friends refer to as “a cheap date”. 

Now before you think the absolute worst of me, what they mean is, that I’m easily entertained, and very content with simple stuff.

Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?

Anyway, this morning as I was following my coffee cup through the kitchen, still thinking about (and still full from) last night’s dinner with friends, my eye rested for a minute on the only evidence left from the evening—a cluster of assorted wine and vintage liqueur glasses by the sink—waiting to be washed by hand.  Washing the wine glasses the morning after a dinner party is a kind of happy ritual for me, a task I actually really like.  With each glass, I am reminded of the people who were at the table with us, the conversations, the laughter, and the joy in lingering over a meal with friends.

Simple stuff, really. 

But it made me think about some of the tangible things that I have really been loving lately, so I made a list of sorts, starting with these scones.


I’m all about cranberry and orange right now, probably because it tastes like Thanksgiving and Christmas to me, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. 

The days are darkening early,  so I’ve been lighting lots of candles to keep the dreariness of winter at bay.  My especial favorite at the moment is this little centerpiece concocted from a Goodwill candle, a vintage hobnail glass vase that my friend Sue gave me years ago because of it’s ‘fabulous-ness’, some chestnuts that I picked up off the ground on some long-ago excursion to NW 23rd in downtown Portland with my daughter, and some beautiful larch cones sent up from Sonoma by my friend Marlayne. She knows how much I like to scavenge for the odd bits of flora that pass for interior decorating at our house.


  Some more ‘stuff’ I’m loving right now…


This beautiful yarn was bought on a birthday outing with my friend Linda, and the book was recommended by another (Jared at Owen Roe Winery, if you’re reading this, thank you!)


My new favorite pie plate (which is soon to be filled with a walnut torte) was a gift from my friend Heidi.  Look closely at the stamp in the center…”Everyone loves pie”.  Well, heck yeah, what’s not to love?!


My beautiful apron…total eye-candy and visual inspiration that my dear friend Kim brought me from her trip to Guatemala.


A sweet little olive wood cheese grater–beautiful to look at and fun to use-brought by friend Tonia after her summer sojourn to Italy.  The Italian marble mortar and pestle, which I use constantly, was a birthday gift from my husband and daughter.  My hope is that either my son or daughter will one day think of it as an heirloom.


My friend Lizz surprised me with this beautiful platter the other day…she knows I have a ‘thing’ for citrus AND serving ware!

Yes I know it’s just ‘stuff’.  I’m not saying it’s important stuff, or that it completes my life, or that my eternal destiny is wrapped up in it; only that I like it and it’s ‘happy stuff’.

Best of All?  Each of these things are wound together with a common thread. Every single one of them is tied to a relationship-someone who’s life is in some way connected to mine, and I am a happier, richer, more satisfied woman because of this.

Now that, my beautiful friends, is important stuff!

With love and blessing,