I’m re-posting this today for several reasons. First, because I’m making them right now to send to my son in response to his plea for home baked treats, which was (very) thinly disguised as a Valentine greeting. Second, because they’re really, really, good!

View From My Kitchen Window

Granola bars are great right?  I mean, they have oats in them so they MUST be good for us!

Okay, maybe not so much.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with granola bars.  Whether putting them in a lunchbox, or packing them for a hike or post-run snack, they seemed like a more virtuous choice than cookies or—gasp—a candy bar, but the reality is, most commercial granola bars are really just dessert.  Not always a very good one either.

Now for the good news!  Granola bars are uber-simple to make (especially if you have a stand-mixer), they store well (with NO preservatives!), and there is an infinite variety of things that you can hide in—oops!—I mean add to them to boost their nutritional value!

I make these, and then wrap them individually in wax paper* for lunches, snacks, breakfast—hey, why not!  There’s oats in ‘em, so wash one down…

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