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Hello and good morning!  It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you, and I’ve missed you all terribly.  I think I’ve been sucked into the weariness of winter–smothering in the soul-draining gloom of rain and grey.

Really though, it’s time to come out now.  The daffodils are a riot of yellow everywhere I look, and the daphne’s scent teases me with the promise of longer, brighter days. Our lambs are coming too–a set of twins the other day, with eleven more mamas to go.


I’m headed off this weekend for a short trip to visit my daughter (which may or may not be blog-worthy), and when I get back, it will be a new season.  Still raining probably, but with more light and warmer temperatures.

But, I will be back–even though the weather is infinitely better where she is–and when I return I’ll have one more brownie recipe to share.  It’s my favorite, and I’ve been saving it for last in the Brownie Challenge. Plus, I promised I’d show you how to dress up a box mix of brownies so that they taste amazing and very un-boxy.

And, I have to make this beautiful thing for a friend.


So now, out of the dreariness, into the cheeriness…


With love, and looking forward to being with you in the kitchen (and garden!!) again soon,