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Cooking, baking, and working on recipes (and alas, eating) have taken a back seat to work and the garden. It probably doesn’t help much that I’m kind of an ‘all-or-nothing’ girl–whatever is my obsession du jour dwarfs whatever is not. Right now, my thoughts are all about the garden!


And cake. I think about cake a lot lately too.

Summer is definitely here–though it may rain because I have my first day off tomorrow in the last seven–so I’ll be doing battle with the little weeds that have sprouted up in my absence, along with a myriad of other garden chores and projects that I really am excited about!  Of course, if it rains, I’ll have a reason to stay indoors and bake a cake.

I did manage to get some Limoncello made, though it won’t be ready for another week or two.


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I’ve already thought of a cake that I want to make with it.  More than one, if I’m brutally honest.  And wouldn’t it be beautiful with these Nasturtiums to decorate it with?


And, oh my goodness!  I just realized while writing this post, the June 13th will be my little blog’s first anniversary, and one fabulous reason to make a cake!

So, until the next post, which will probably be about cake, here are some bits of what’s going on in my garden and kitchen…

The grapevines are blooming--and they smell so lovely!  Who knew??

The grapevines are blooming–and they smell so lovely! Who knew??

Pretty Nigella about to bloom.

Pretty Nigella about to bloom.

What’s happening in your world?  What are you growing (or baking) that you are excited about?

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