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I am painfully aware that there is much that is wrong with the world.  Frustrated with things I cannot change, I’ve dissolved into tears more than once this week at our scarcity of compassion for one another and toward the creatures we share the planet with.  Unfortunately, anyone old enough to be in kindergarten (and sadly, many even younger) has some grasp on the reality that life is not fair, good people suffer, tragedy is all around, and those who thrive on negativity threaten to suffocate us in a cloud of division and fear.

However, for now I’ve chosen to see the good, and to find delight and contentment in the simple portions of my day.

I’ve witnessed this morning’s fiery sunrise while walking with a friend.

I’ve enjoyed a lengthy telephone chat with my daughter in California–talking about nothing of any real importance, other than what we should be cooking for Thanksgiving.

I spent the early part of the day baking, concentrating on the sensory pleasures of mixing sugar into soft butter, melting chocolate, and sifting flour.


There is laundry hanging on the line, drying gently in the early autumn sun, while the kitchen staff takes a break from their labors.


My husband will come home from work tonight exhausted and hungry, but that is something I can change–with a crisp-skinned roasted chicken, surrounded by sweet delicata squash and toasty, parmesan-crusted chunks of cauliflower.


There have been generous gifts from friends this week of gorgeous green peppers, pale blue eggs, speckly skinned pears, and red wine, reminding me that I am cared for and loved.


Summer is over, but I’m okay with that because now autumn is here.  Soon enough it will be cold and raining, but right now the sunlight is soft and golden, the house is quiet, and there is a peaceful quality to the day that invites me to take a moment and revel in it.


Today is a good day, and there is much to be thankful for.

Thank you my friends, for dropping by to visit.  I hope there is goodness in your day too~